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What is Marketing?
Marketing is defined as the activity to raise or heighten awareness of the general public – or specific individuals – of the presence of a particular product or service. Within the field of marketing, a variety of legislation exists that protects both the interests of commercial marketing operation, as well as the interests of consumers. Primarily, Consumer Law and Commercial Law are the legal fields that typically oversee, regulate, examine, and mandate practices conducted by commercial marketing operations;  Commercial Law will typically include the investigation of thelegality latent within the marketing practices of businesses, corporations, manufacturers, retailers, vendors, and various forms of sales.
What is Online Marketing?
As a result of the advent of the Internet – as well as the advancement of online expanse – marketing firms and strategists have directed a bulk of their collective efforts to the establishment of an Internet presence with regard to products and services offered. As a result, the collaborated jurisdiction of Consumer Law and Commercial Law conjoined with the respective jurisdiction belonging to Internet and Cyber Law, as well as Privacy Law in order to regulate fair, ethical, and legal marketing practices taking place within an online forum.
Marketing-based Crimes
The following crimes are some of the most common that take place as a result of unlawful, illegal, unethical, and illicit marketing practices:
While the inherent connotation of the term ‘Solicitation’ is not expressly unlawful or illicit in its nature, Solicitation is considered to be a criminal act in the realm of marketing efforts; criminal and commercial solicitation is defined as the presentation of information without request, invitation, or inquiry expressed that the individual recipient – marketing-based solicitation may be classified as the violation of policy, trespassing, or harassment
False Advertising is the purposefully-deceitful attempt on the part of a commercial marketing effort to misrepresent and falsify accurate descriptions of products and services offered; false advertising may be intended to defraud consumers
Online Marketing
Both Cyber Law and Privacy Law focus on the oversight of legislation, decorum, legality, and ethics with regard to electronic commercemarketing efforts (E-Commerce); the online marketplace has not only provided for a forum of expansive, virtual and commercialactivity, but also for a forum presenting a variety of opportunity to commit marketing-based crime:
Spamis defined as an illicit marketing activity that involves the mass-disbursement of unsolicited information; typically, the aim of Spam is to flood the as many eligible recipients with unsolicited correspondence in order to market a product or service:
Email Spam is the mass-transmission of electronic correspondence to recipients whom have neither requested such information, nor have inquired about it; in order to deter the transmission of Spam, many email providers have introduced ‘Spam filters’ aimed at deterring the deliverance of Spam
Networking Spam occurs through digital, interpersonal communication or online-based chats; this type of Spam allows the perpetrator or ‘Spammer’ to pose as a friend or acquaintance of an unsuspecting victim with the intent of soliciting or marketing a product or service

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The Fastest Growing Legal Network Online – Mon, 06 Apr 2015 14:03:27 +0000


NY, New York - October 17th, 2012


Laws com Network - founded less than two years ago is well on its’ way to becoming the largest legal network online. According to, received visits from over 1.8 million visitors in July of 2012 alone.  LexisNexis is showing 1.28 million and at 50,000 in July of 2012; is at 625,000 and at 1.3 million users.


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]]> 0 Free Legal Forms Mon, 06 Apr 2015 14:03:27 +0000

Laws com are innovative creators of technologies that facilitate legal information for both attorneys and clients. Following their release of their Intelligent Legal Advertising Platform and their Legal Information Database, has launched a Free Legal Forms Platform ( The main page of the platform contains different headings users can utilize to find forms relevant to their case and needs. The most popular form categories are displayed in the center of the platform’s homepage so users can easily access forms pertinent to legal topics such as Immigration, Bankruptcy, and Divorce.

The Free Legal Forms platform contains tens of thousands of forms, applicable to both state and federal levels, for all possible legal issues. Categorized by state along the left column of the platform’s homepage, residents of any state can easily find forms for cases ranging from Adoption to Wills. All 50 states and Washington D.C. hold their own link which easily connects users to their state’s individual assortment of available forms.’s Free Form Platform makes legal information easily accessible so users can do away with the hassle of ransacking through search engines and numerous websites only to find tons of unsuitable information. The platform is clear, concise, and simple to use. The forms include visual and text instructions making using the platform all the more compatible for all users and especially helpful to people with hearing and/or vision impairments.

By empowering users to become engaged more actively in their cases, they will gain a deeper understanding for their rights, the steps needed to achieve the best possible case outcome, and their legal experience altogether. By understanding their case better, users will be better prepared to make fundamental decisions about pleas, settlements, and legal applications. They will also be more ready to make choices about adequate representation by taking advantage of’s unique matching algorithm which automatically matches attorneys to users’ form searches based on location and practice areas. Users’ will be presented with lawyers best suitable for their needs without any of the extra clicks, time, or effort it would have taken if using a search engine or rummaging through directories.’s mission is to innovate legal technology and make important legal information available to anyone in need of legal help. By collecting legal information into an easily navigated and easily accessible extensive database on local, state, and federal legal issues, clarifies aspects of the legal system and process that were formerly blurred. By presenting relevant legal forms, information, and attorneys to users on one page, helps the information reach those in need that much easier. Creating unique products to help and educate clients on local, state, and federal matters, is innovating legal technology. For more information about the Legal Forms platform, Attorney Advertising, or, email or call 855- LAWS-COM.

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Laura Bush Demands Removal from Gay Marriage Advertisement Mon, 06 Apr 2015 14:03:27 +0000


A pro-gay marriage organization apologized to Laura Bush for including her in a recent advertisement supporting gay rights. Laura Bush formally asked to be removed from the television ad campaign that launched this past week, claiming that she never provided consent to participate in the message. In response, the support group is releasing a new advertisement this weekend to replace it.

In a formal statement, the Respect for Marriage Coalition said it was moving on “to different and new voices.”

“We utilized public comments for this advertisement from American leaders who have expressed support for same-sex marriage,” the group claimed. “We appreciate Mrs. Bush’s previous statements but are sorry she did not want to be included in our advertisement. The ad sparked a public education platform that will now shift to new and different voices that reflect the breadth and depth of our support.”

The new advertisement features a Republican former Marine, Craig Stowell, speaking on how he came to support gay marriage after learning his brother was a homosexual.

“None of us should be told we cannot marry the person we love,” Stowell claims in the advertisement while sitting with his wife, Berta. “As citizens of this country, we believe in the freedom of choice. That’s why I fought for this nation as a marine, and that’s what we believe in as Republicans. Freedom doesn’t discriminate; freedom means freedom for every American. I did not understand the importance of gay marriage, but after learning of my brother’s sexual orientation, I wanted to extend the same rights to him. He was the best man at my wedding, and I hope to be the best man at it his. It’s only right that my brother should be given the freedom to marry the individual he loves.”

Laura Bush was originally featured in the advertisement to support same-sex marriage, along with two prominent members of her husband’s former cabinet—former Vice President Dick Cheney and former Secretary of State Colin Powell.

However, on Wednesday a spokeswoman for Bush told the Dallas Morning news that the former first lady “did not approve of her inclusion in the ad, and as a result, we formally requested that the group remove her from it.”

“When couples are committed to each other, they ought to have the same rights that everyone has,” Bush says in the advertisement. The quote came from an appearance on Larry King’s CNN show in 2010.

The million-dollar television campaign is also backed by print advertisements The Washington Post and The New York Times. The advertisements are expected to air during the Sunday political talk shows.

Laura Bush is far more supportive of gay rights than her husband. In her memoir, she claims that she asked George not make gay marriage a primary issue in his 2004 reelection bid, and during the Larry King interview, Laura Bush makes it clear that she supports same-sex marriage and predicts it will be legal throughout the United States in the upcoming years.

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