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Laws.com Free Legal Forms

Laws com are innovative creators of technologies that facilitate legal information for both attorneys and clients. Following their release of their Intelligent Legal Advertising Platform and their Legal Information Database, Laws.com has launched a Free Legal Forms Platform (https://legal-forms.laws.com/). The main page of the platform contains different headings users can utilize to find forms relevant to their case and needs. The most popular form categories are displayed in the center of the platform’s homepage so users can easily access forms pertinent to legal topics such as Immigration, Bankruptcy, and Divorce.

The Free Legal Forms platform contains tens of thousands of forms, applicable to both state and federal levels, for all possible legal issues. Categorized by state along the left column of the platform’s homepage, residents of any state can easily find forms for cases ranging from Adoption to Wills. All 50 states and Washington D.C. hold their own link which easily connects users to their state’s individual assortment of available forms.

Laws.com’s Free Form Platform makes legal information easily accessible so users can do away with the hassle of ransacking through search engines and numerous websites only to find tons of unsuitable information. The platform is clear, concise, and simple to use. The forms include visual and text instructions making using the platform all the more compatible for all users and especially helpful to people with hearing and/or vision impairments.

By empowering users to become engaged more actively in their cases, they will gain a deeper understanding for their rights, the steps needed to achieve the best possible case outcome, and their legal experience altogether. By understanding their case better, users will be better prepared to make fundamental decisions about pleas, settlements, and legal applications. They will also be more ready to make choices about adequate representation by taking advantage of Laws.com’s unique matching algorithm which automatically matches attorneys to users’ form searches based on location and practice areas. Users’ will be presented with lawyers best suitable for their needs without any of the extra clicks, time, or effort it would have taken if using a search engine or rummaging through directories.

Laws.com’s mission is to innovate legal technology and make important legal information available to anyone in need of legal help. By collecting legal information into an easily navigated and easily accessible extensive database on local, state, and federal legal issues, Laws.com clarifies aspects of the legal system and process that were formerly blurred. By presenting relevant legal forms, information, and attorneys to users on one page, Laws.com helps the information reach those in need that much easier. Creating unique products to help and educate clients on local, state, and federal matters, Laws.com is innovating legal technology. For more information about the Legal Forms platform, Attorney Advertising, or Laws.com, email pr@laws.com or call 855- LAWS-COM.