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The Fastest Growing Legal Network Online – Laws.com

The Fastest Growing Legal Network Online – Laws.com

Laws.com is a leading online legal resource that provides a wide range of resources to assist individuals and businesses in navigating the complex world of law and legal regulations. The platform offers a broad range of tools and resources, including a comprehensive internet-based legal directory, free legal forms, and informative articles on various legal topics. The platform has achieved significant growth in recent years, becoming the fastest-growing legal network online. In this article, we explore how Laws.com has become a leader in the online legal marketplace.

An Innovative Platform

Laws.com has launched a variety of innovative features that have helped to drive the platform’s growth. The website provides users with access to a range of legal resources, including a legal directory, free legal forms, and a wealth of informative articles on legal topics. The platform also offers a unique, personalized legal question and answer service, where users can submit their legal questions and receive a prompt and accurate response from a qualified attorney.

A Comprehensive Legal Directory

Laws.com boasts one of the most comprehensive legal directories on the web, with listings for lawyers, law firms, and legal professionals across the United States. The directory includes detailed profiles for each law firm and attorney, including contact information, areas of practice, and client reviews. This makes it easy for individuals and businesses to find the right legal professional to meet their specific legal needs.

Free Legal Forms

Laws.com’s free legal forms platform provides users with access to over 10,000 legal forms that cover a wide range of legal areas. All forms are created and reviewed by attorneys to ensure their accuracy and compliance with legal requirements. This service has proven incredibly popular with individuals, businesses, and legal professionals who are looking to save on legal fees by creating legal documents themselves using the forms provided.

Informative Articles

Laws.com’s informative articles cover a broad range of legal topics, providing readers with valuable insights into complex legal issues. The articles are written by attorneys and legal experts and provide up-to-date information on laws and legal regulations across a range of industries. This helps businesses and individuals stay informed and make informed decisions when it comes to legal matters.


The strength of Laws.com’s platform lies in its combination of innovative features and comprehensive legal resources. The platform’s growth can be attributed to its user-friendly design, broad range of legal content, and commitment to providing users with accurate, reliable legal information and resources. As the fastest-growing legal network online, Laws.com continues to set the standard for excellence in the online legal marketplace.

NY, New York – October 17th, 2012

Laws com Network – founded less than two years ago is well on its’ way to becoming the largest legal network online. According to Compete.com, Laws.com received visits from over 1.8 million visitors in July of 2012 alone.  LexisNexis Lawyers.com is showing 1.28 million and Attorneys.com at 50,000 in July of 2012; Nolo.com is at 625,000 and Avvo.com at 1.3 million users.

How is a young upstart unseating some of the largest competitors in online legal field? Through creation of an interactive platform of quality legal information such as legal articles, cases, statutes and codes, attorneys and a DIY Free Legal Forms solution with instructions and videos as part of the equation.

Laws.com Network is a comprehensive portal for legal information that is used by tens of thousands of people every day.  Providing robust search capabilities through a unique algorithm, the website gives resources on a wide range of legal topics, from issues like traffic tickets and criminal defense to divorce, bankruptcy, and tax law.

Legal topics are presented in plain English, so that any user facing a legal problem is able to get quick and comprehensible information on the topic.  The website aims to make the law more accessible, so that people facing legal issues can understand their rights and find legal representation when they need it.  When the law is easier to understand, people feel more prepared to contact an attorney.

Legal-forms.laws.com is visited by users looking for a better understanding of their legal issues or a way to resolve their legal situation without an attorney.  Users who need more help on their legal forms can also make use of the website’s video and text tutorials that give step-by-step guidance for anyone completing the forms on their own.

Laws.com Legal Marketing and Advertising Platform is unique in its’ intelligence and allows attorneys to precisely target the clients that are interested in such help and services through in-content, text and display advertisement that is both behavior and location targeted. The targeting capabilities of the attorney-user matching platform allow to lower attorney marketing expenses as well as present best matching attorneys in the network for the its’ users through interactive lawyer ads.

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